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Feb 22, 2022
In General Discussions
Hi, my name is Hasan Ali. I'm a professional, efficient, highly experienced Linkedin Lead Generation Pro with over 3 years of in-depth expertise in email list builder, email marketing, and Linkedin lead generation, data mining, email finding, mailing list and, so on. I’ve repeatedly proven my ability to provide good and quality services. ✔ I always believe in quality, not quantity ✔ My Accuracy Rate is about 98% to 100% ►► What you will get from me : ** Guaranteed free of errors works with dedication ** I can handle Pressure and serious challenges ** I always ask questions where get confused and clear all the points to fulfill the requirement in my end My Expertise are but not limited to : (✔) LinkedIn Lead Generation (Sales Navigator Account) (✔) B2B Lead Generation (✔) B2C Lead Generation (✔) Contact List Creation (✔) Rapportive/ (✔) Prospect/Contact List Building (✔) LinkedIn Prospecting (✔) Email Sourcing (✔) Talent Search & Sourcing (✔) Lead List Building (✔) Lead Generation (✔) Data Mining (✔) Recruiting (✔) Mailing List development (✔)Contact Discovery (✔) Database Building
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